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It’s Everything for Women Raises $1,500 for Relay For Life:

Thank you to everyone who joined Complete Fitness for our annual It’s Everything for Women event. Because of your support, the Complete Fitness for a Cure Relay For Life team raised almost $1,500 for the American Cancer Society. Proceeds will help ACS provide support services here in Edwardsville and fund life-saving research on a national scale.


Thank You for an Incredible Five Years!:

As Complete Fitness celebrates our fifth anniversary, I wanted to thank all of you for being part of our lives and to congratulate you on all you’ve accomplished. Over the past five years, you’ve lost enough inches to equal an entire football field (with 16 yards to spare!) and 1.5 tons of weight!
Five years ago, I was struggling with my own weight battles when I began working at a local women’s gym. For years I’d endured an endless string of intimidating personal trainers and workouts, but I saw promise in a facility that empowered women to take control of their health. When the gym closed, I decided to take a leap and reopen it as Complete Fitness to try to change the lives of women, including my own.

Since opening our doors, we’ve strived to guide women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels toward the best health of their lives. Through one-on-one fitness guidance, weighted circuit training and weight loss support, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy way without deprivation.

Over the years, I’ve been honored to see the gym turn into a family. I’ve watched you cheer each other on and support one another through your challenges to become healthier, stronger, and more confident. While losing 3,600 inches is an amazing accomplishment in itself, the boosts I’ve seen in your self-confidence and overall well-being is even more exciting. Our focus moving forward is to help you continue to reach all of your fitness objectives.

Thank you again for your continued support – we couldn’t have made it these past five years without your friendship!



40 Pounds Lost in Just 3 Months:

How Early Morning Workouts Helped Dawn Keep the Weight Off

Dawn Wiemers, a pharmacy technician who lives in Glen Carbon, wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. Three months ago, she joined Complete Fitness where we devised a complete lifestyle change involving both workouts and the Thin&Healthy Total Solution program. By exercising just three mornings a week before work and making smart food choices, Dawn has already lost 40 pounds, 63.75 inches, and 5.2% body fat!

“I feel lighter, and every movement is easier,” said Dawn. “I have more range of motion than I had previously. I make better choices today, and I think more about what I put in my body than I used to. The more I’ve accomplished, the more I want to continue on the same path. I don’t want to regress and lose everything I’ve worked so hard for.”

For Dawn, who loves to ice skate, her workouts at Complete Fitness have been the perfect supplement to her time on the rink. It’s improved her skating skills and upped her endurance, allowing her to enjoy the ice more than ever before.

In addition, as Dawn has toned up and built muscle, her workouts have gotten easier and easier. To push herself further, she’s working with the Complete Fitness staff to integrate new exercises and increase the amount of weight she lifts. “There’s so much variety here, you’re never bored with your workouts – they keep things spiced up!”

Dawn says the staff and members of Complete Fitness have been her coaches and cheerleaders throughout her fitness journey.


“It’s such a friendly environment and so supportive. All the ladies I’ve met are friendly and nice and open. They cheer you along the entire way. And the staff is so motivating – pushing you in a positive way to make you push yourself further. It’s amazing to know how many people are supporting you the moment you start.”


A Quick Workout Fuels a Productive Workday:

When you wake up in the morning with a long workday ahead of you, finding the energy to exercise is a workout in itself. Instead of hitting the gym, you hit the coffee shop for a little caffeine and sugar to perk up your morning. But just a few hours later, that burst of energy falls flat.

Poor health habits can have a big impact on your work performance. A study from Population Health Management found that a lack of exercise increases the risk of productivity loss by 50 percent and poor eating bumps it to 66 percent. In addition, inactivity leads to greater work absenteeism and higher healthcare costs for companies.

Sneak a few minutes of exercise into your workday to improve your overall health and your company’s bottom line. Whether it’s a walk around the park, a quick half-hour of circuit training, or an energizing yoga session, physical activity causes your energy to skyrocket. In turn, that sustaining energy strengthens your memory, boosts your productivity, and sharpens your focus the rest of the workday. You’re better able to concentrate and stay alert even during the afternoon slump.

If you’re looking for an easy way to fit a workout into your packed schedule, talk to a fitness professional at Complete Fitness about easy-to-incorporate routines that are effective and efficient. With a daily workout, you not only exercise your body, you exercise you brain.


First Social Bicycle Event.

On June 7th, Complete Fitness held our first Social Cycling Event. With "safety first" in mind, we welcomed Alec MacDonald from The Bike Factory to give us a briefing on general cycling safety. In addition, Alec demonstrated how to fix a flat and talked a bit about bike maintenance as we waited for the rain to subside. Sure enough, the clouds parted and our group of riders hit the trail to enjoy a 10 mile ride.

We topped off the day with a BBQ at the Complete Fitness Patio - healthy style and yummy at the same time!

Our next scheduled Social Cycle will take place on July 12th at Noon.

Please RSVP by calling 618-655-1515 or emailing info@complete-fit.com to attend...hope to see you there!


Goshen 5 & Dime Challenge.

Complete Fitness sponsored the 2014 Goshen 5 & Dime Challenge. This special running event on June 14, 2014 rewarded participants for completing two races in the same day. The challenge, run the Route 66 10K in Edwardsville at 8am then run the Covered Bridge 5K in Glen Carbon at 5pm. Those completing the challenge receive a special medal for finishing both races.


New Hours.

We are happy to announce earlier morning hours for Fall! Beginning October 1st, we will be opening at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So come on in to start your day with your workout before heading off to that desk job! See you bright and early!


More than a Workout – A Complete Lifestyle Change Circuit Training Helped Gayle Lose Weight, Build Endurance and Boost Her Energy.

Like many women, Gayle Guerra of Glen Carbon was apprehensive about the gym scene. Crowded equipment rooms, grunting weight lifters and a six-pack parade aren’t exactly enticing to a mom who wanted to make a major lifestyle change.


Encouraged by her daughter who had recently joined Complete Fitness, Gayle decided to give circuit training a try, especially at a women’s only gym. Her prep for her initial workout was tough – uncomfortable with her size and nervous to pull on body-hugging fitness gear, Gayle felt embarrassed to work out in front of women she didn’t know.

But the moment Gayle stepped through the door of Complete Fitness, she had a team cheering her on, comprised of both her trainers and her fellow gym members. Her sporadic workouts four years ago have evolved into a 6-day a week routine, and her overall health has improved in ways she never imagined.

The road hasn’t always been a smooth one. Said Gayle, “There’s always a reason not to work out – it’s too difficult, I don’t have enough time. But if you’re not exercising, it’s harder and harder to keep the weight off, especially the older you get. If you lead a sedentary life and not out there doing something, it affects your entire well-being.”

Gayle credits the staff of Complete Fitness for keeping her motivated throughout her journey. She noted at most gyms, the trainers show you what to do and then leave you to fend for yourself. At Complete Fitness, having her trainer alongside her, doing the same routines and helping her do the motions correctly, has made all the difference.

In addition, Gayle noted Erica and her team go above and beyond to assist members, whether it’s helping them make smarter food decisions, providing alternative exercises in the case of injuries, and offering ongoing support.

“Erica knows every one of her members personally and helps each one individually. You don’t have that kind of rapport at any other gym. My daughter got married recently, and I had put on a little bit of weight. I was really struggling, and Erica worked with me to help me lose those extra pounds. To take the time to help members one-on-one makes Complete Fitness stand out from the standard gym.”

While Gayle lost 50 pounds initially, her weight loss was just the first improvement in her health. After six months at Complete Fitness, Gayle was taken off her high cholesterol medication, and her endurance and energy have increased substantially.

“I feel healthier, I look younger, and I feel better both physically and mentally. I don’t become ill as often either – I don’t think I’ve had a cold in the past three years. When you take care of your body, it makes a huge difference in your life overall!”


Weighted Circuit Training - 30 Minutes to a Healthier Heart and a Buffer Body.

As much as we fantasize about it and as many times as fitness fad gurus promise it, there’s no miracle workout that can give you results overnight. Constructing a leaner and healthier body requires cardio, strength training and determination – and there’s no workout that combines them all together in a fun and effective way like weighted circuit training

Unlike many workouts that focus on one or the other, weighted circuit gets both your heart pounding and your muscles working to rev up your metabolism for maximum calorie burn. This 30-minute workout intertwines quick bursts of aerobic exercises, such as step ups, squats and jogging, with timed sessions on weighted machines. In just half an hour, every muscle group has its go-round, giving you a comprehensive full-body workout.

Why Circuit Training Works

According to studies, circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than dedicated weight training and helps women achieve their goals faster and maintain them longer. During each workout, you’ll discover that you:

  • Build lean muscle mass Circuit training is about toning up, not bulking up. Lean muscle uses more calories throughout the day for greater weight loss.
  • Accelerate your heart rate Incorporating cardio activities into your workout helps burn calories and boost your endurance, making any strenuous activity outside the gym easier to take on.
  • Chase away pesky calories Fitness Magazine reports circuit training burns up to 10 calories a minute. That’s 300 calories in just one 30-minute session. Bye-bye, latte!
  • Strengthen your core Circuit training focuses on your core to increase your stability, balance and flexibility, setting the foundation for your muscles to work together as a team.
  • Shake up your routine If you do the same exercise day-after-day, your muscles become accustomed to the movement and stop working as hard. The variety in circuit training tricks your body into performing better and burning more calories.
  • Stop the workout burnout One of the biggest workout killers is boredom. By mixing up the exercises, both your body and mind stay stimulated.
  • Level the playing field Circuit training is tailor-made for any body type. Whether you’re a triathlete or a gym newbie, you can jump right in and begin feeling the benefits.

Life too often pulls us away from taking care of our bodies like we should – and the result can be seen and felt. By offering maximum benefits in each 30 minute session, weighted circuit training can easily fit into your week, regardless of your busy schedule. To kick off the start to a healthier heart and body, contact Complete Fitness at 618-655-1515 to get moving!


Fall Session of Cross the Line Begins!

Ever wished you could be one of those runners out on the trail, be able to casually mention the 5K you ran over the weekend, or just finally lose those last 10 pounds? Then Cross the Line is the group for you! Our running group for beginners is focused on motivation, form, injury prevention and FUN!.. This 9 week course will include group training runs, information on proper attire and nutrition, guidance on stretching to avoid injury and a fun-filled Graduation 5K...The Hot Chocolate Run! For more information, give us a shout or attend the Kickoff on Saturday, October 4th at 10:00 a.m. at Complete Fitness.


The Glo Run!

We had a great time at the Glo Run 5K in Forest Park! The event was held on one of the steamiest evenings in August, so we dressed lightly, put on everything that glows in the dark known to man, and had a blast! We had some runners, some walkers and everything in between. Congratulations to Kathy Cimarolli, Brenda Boyer, Ellen Wellen, Abbey Muniz, Janet Hupp, Kim Hood and Heather File for joining in the furnace-like fun!


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